Anniversary Bar Hire Essex

Your anniversary is the celebration of possibly the biggest day of your life and so it is natural that you will want to celebrate it in a style that best works for you and your partner. If you are looking to celebrate your anniversary - maybe a year, ten years, twenty, thirty, anything in between or more - then our Anniversary Bar Hire Essex service is perfect for enabling you access to some of the finest mobile bars around.

Anniversary Bar Hire EssexWith access to many different bar counters including our consistently reliable basic bars in addition to customer favourites such as our LED curved, straight and circular bars. These are just some of the bars we have available, however the differences outline the versatility in our bar counters. Our bars differ vastly in design - which is a great touch when planning out the exact details included in your function. Included in the personalisation we have for our bars are additions such as our bar front branding. While traditionally used to help our corporate clients to promote their brand, the bar branding on our Anniversary Bar Hire Essex could easily be used for a little extra personalisation - an example being '____ & ____'s Anniversary Party!' or similar text.

Our bar counters alone are ideal ways to ensure that everything works out in a visually pleasing and functional way, but there is more to our Anniversary Bar Hire Essex than just the counters! To give you truly the best bar available on your anniversary day, we provide our clients with bar equipment to really help out! Included in the bar equipment we have available for selection are sundries, glassware and our top quality drinks dispensers. Overall this equipment has made many clients a lot happier with their service, fully optimising the functionality of the bar and ensuring that everything needed is dealt with in one easy to manage service.

Our Anniversary Bar Hire Essex service also includes the hire of our professional bar staff. These staff are all trained professionals in their own areas of bar staffing, meaning that whether you're looking to have your favourite cocktails or mocktails served, or your favourite beers, wines and spirits - we can help you out. Our mixologists, flairers and bartenders are all professionals - and as such you will get the best possible bar staff service for your anniversary - meaning that whatever you have planned, we can deliver.

If you are looking to arrange a party for your anniversary then feel free to get in touch - our Anniversary Bar Hire Essex service can help you out!