Bar Hire for 21st in Colchester

Having a few drinks at your 21st birthday party in Colchester is pretty much a given. However, your parents might have different ideas about how you should be celebrating your coming of age and this is where a lot of family feuds can erupt. 21st Birthday Party Cocktails

Your parents want you to be responsible, and celebrate with your grandparents, aunts and uncles, as well as with your friends on your 21st birthday and you want to stake your claim on a table at your favourite Colchester pub or in the trendiest Colchester cocktail lounge and enjoy being an adult.

Well at Bar Hire Essex we have a solution which will keep everyone happy - yes, you can enjoy drinks with your friends at a trendy and relaxing bar, and your parents can tick off the family 21st birthday event at the same time. Organising mobile bar hire for your 21st birthday in Colchester is the answer. Our mobile bars can be set up anywhere in Colchester, at any time of the day or night, inside or out.

This means that you can choose from any of our extensive range of mobile bars and have the bar which suits your tastes, your party and your personality catering to your drinks choices throughout your 21st birthday party. For example, you may choose to hire our specialist cocktail bar, with corresponding menu choices of course, and have it set up in your backyard at home.

Parents and family can then enjoy an afternoon of cocktails and birthday cake, before they head off to put the kids to bed. Stretching into the evening, your mobile bar then becomes part of your own private cocktail lounge for you and your friends to enjoy.

Or you may decide to hire a mobile bar to be set up in a Colchester function venue or a hotel function room. You can choose the beers, wine or spirit selection to suit you and enjoy a whole room of people toasting to the day of your birth. Plus, you may even realise that your uncle is actually a pretty cool person to talk to, or that your cousins are actually around your age and enjoy the same brand of beer you do!

For more information about bar hire in Colchester for your 21st birthday celebrations, contact Bar Hire Essex.