Backlit Bar Hire Essex

Our Backlit bar hire is a simple yet effective design which features a square backlit panel in the centre of the bar front. This backlit square is an ideal location to place any branding that you may be looking to include with the bar hire, giving an impressive view of any branding at what is likely to be the main focus point of your event - the bar. Our backlit bars have recently had an upgrade - they now support full colour-changing options similar to our premium LED bars - allowing you more flexibility when designing the theme for your event.

Sharing its base design with our plain black bars, our backlit bars are a perfect addition if you are having a long plain black bar - allowing you to add a little extra detail to your bar and break up the singular design of the plain black. The bar is also a great touch on its own, featuring the full functionality expressed in our basic bars. If you have any questions about the backlit bar then please feel free to get in touch and we would be glad to help out!

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