Barking Prom Drinks Bars

Prom is a tricky time for most teenagers in Barking because you feel old enough to go out to a bar or enjoy a glass of champagne in the limo on the way to your big night, but technically you're not allowed. Well, while you are embarking on an important next stage in your life, you don't want to ruin your chances for success by getting publicly caught sneaking into a bar, or swiping alcohol from your parent's stash. Prom Events Essex

Therefore, instead of rebelling just now, why not plan a prom night after party which is still a lot of fun, but won't land you with a bad record of any kind, with anyone. To do this, simply organise for mobile bar hire in Barking and you can enjoy all the fun of your prom, the sophistication which comes from bubbly, pretty and intricately decorated drinks, without any of the risk or repercussions.

At Bar Hire Essex we have a range of non-alcoholic bar hire options available for your prom night and our mobile bars can be set up at your home, in the backyard, at a Barking function venue and even in the school gym if you want to plan a whole-school event. When you organise for a non-alcoholic drinks package with your mobile bar hire in Barking, you are getting exactly the same service, the same professional bar staff and the same stylish bar options as you would with an alcoholic drinks package.

This means that you and your friends can get a taste of what it's like to celebrate as adults, but you don't have to worry about embarking on your new adult life with a killer hang over, or a grounding stretching into your 30s because your parents caught you with alcohol.

So for more information or advice about planning an exciting and stylish prom after party in Barking without any of the issues, contact Bar Hire Essex now.