Chelmsford Event Bar Hire

A funeral is not an event that anyone in Chelmsford looks forward to planning, however if you do find yourself in charge of funeral preparations you want to make sure you plan a tasteful event, which is also a celebration of a life well lived.

While the funeral service is going to be the toughest time on everyone, most of the planning for that part of the event will be taken care of by the funeral director you choose, and the wake is the part of the funeral you are probably most concerned about planning. Well what would a celebration be without a few drinks and a hearty toast to a friend or family member who has passed on? This is why you need to make sure you organise for a professional bar service when planning a funeral in Chelmsford.

At Bar Hire Essex we have extensive experience catering to funerals in and around Chelmsford and whether you have planned the wake to be held at your home or at a function venue somewhere in Essex, we can take care of everything. While a wake in Chelmsford is a celebration of life, you still want the event to be tasteful and you may therefore hire one of our simple black mobile bars for your event.

Or maybe you are planning to hold a funeral in Chelmsford outside to be close to nature and cleansed and fresh and this sort of event lends itself to the hire of our small, modern white mobile bar series. Plus, if the funeral event in Chelmsford is planning to lead into the night, you can choose a mobile bar which is backlit, or has subtle lights under the rim of the bar to provide soft lighting for the guests staying later.

With your funeral bar chosen, you can now concentrate on spending the day with your family and friends, lending comfort and sharing stories, while our professional and unobtrusive bar staff make sure you always have a drink when you need one.

For more information about bar hire in Chelmsford, or for more advice on funeral bar hire in your area, contact Bar Hire Essex now.