Chigwell Mobile Bar Hire

People may think of you as mad to be planning a party of event at your home in Chigwell. However, what is the point of having somewhere comfortable and relaxing to invite your friends and family if you are always out?

The secret to a successful party at your home in Chigwell is preparation and at Bar Hire Essex we know just the preparations to make to ensure a party your guests enjoy, and one which doesn't leave you with a headache the next day. You may not realise what a relief it is to have the drinks service at your Chigwell party taken care of until your party is catered by professional mobile bar staff. Essex Wedding Bar Hire

Firstly, to stock your own kitchen with the spirits, drinks, mixers, liqueurs, ice garnishes and other ingredients you need to serve party drinks is an expensive exercise, and no matter how many times you plan a party at home you will always forget something, or run out of something before the night is out. Not to mention if you have stocked your kitchen with bar ingredients someone has to be there to mix the drinks and ensure safe consumption and if that's you, how will you enjoy the night.

Secondly, a bar can make a lot of mess too and perhaps you are celebrating a house warming party at your new place in Chigwell and are not ready for sticky splatters on your carpet. Or maybe you have just completed a renovation and have sparkling new white bench tops in your kitchen which will look old in no time once they're covered with coloured drinks.

So thirdly, you need to hire a specialised mobile bar to be set up in your home in Chigwell ready for your celebration. Our bars are fully self contained so there are no spills in your home, and our bar staff are professional and experienced and can not only mix any cocktail known to man or woman, but are equally adept at switching to non-alcoholic cocktails before your guests have a chance to overindulge.

To find out more about mobile bar hire at your home in Chigwell, or about the other tricks our bar staff can do at your party, contact Bar Hire Essex now.