Corporate Bar Hire Essex

Essex is a growing county with huge numbers of businesses growing from strength to strength. Many of these businesses will be looking towards organising an event of some kind in the local area and our Corporate Bar Hire Essex service is the ideal way to serve drinks at your corporate event. Whether organising a business networking event, office party or achievement celebration; our service is the perfect way for you to organise your event drinks without any unnecessary hassle.

Corporate Bar Hire Essex - Mercedes LED BarWe have a large selection of bars available for you to choose from including our simplest plain black bars - which despite being based around a low budget are a neat, official-looking design that is sure to please in a corporate scenario. Our premium LED bars are an alternative which come in a variety of different designs. Our Corporate Bar Hire Essex service is the best way to gain access to some of the best bars available to you, ensuring that a great time is had by all. Branding is another area of our bar service that is likely to come in useful for you, it gives a very professional appearance for your bar.

Our Corporate Bar Hire Essex service includes the use of our professional bar staff, among which are bartenders to serve your favourite beers, spirits and champagnes, etc as well as our expert cocktail mixologists and flairers to mix and serve some of your favourite cocktails. Our bar staff are all trained experts in their own fields of bar staffing, meaning that if you need bar staff for your corporate event; we can provide for you.

Bar equipment is another area of our Corporate Bar hire Essex service that is likely to be extremely helpful for those planning corporate events. With included additions such as bar runners/mats, sundries, glassware and more; our bar equipment is a great way to increase the functionality of your bar, as well as giving a more professional appearance and atmosphere for the bar.

If you're looking to organise a corporate event in Essex then we are certain to help you out! Simply get in touch and we would be more than glad to help out.