Essex Cocktail Bar Hire

Cocktails are a drink which can be enjoyed by everyone, young or old, male or female, there is always a good reason to hold a cocktail party. And before you boys scoff at the idea of a cocktail party, what do you think a martini is? Shaken or stirred, a martini is very much a cocktail Mr Bond.

Essex Cocktail Bar HireAnd yes, a cocktail party is still a great idea even if most of the guests, and even the guest of honour, are too young to drink because at Bar Hire Essex we have an extensive menu of non-alcoholic cocktails available too. So if your daughter is celebrating her sweet 16th birthday in Essex, then why not give her a safe but fun cocktail party by organising to hire one of our stylish mobile cocktail bars, which can just as easily be set up in your home, your backyard or your favourite Essex function centre.

So boys - still not convinced on the idea of a cocktail party in Essex? Well what if the party was themed in James Bond style? Not only can you order your martinis from your own private mobile bar, we can also organise for a unique James Bond ice sculpture to be positioned at the end of the bar to set the theme of the party. The rest is up to you and the boys - do you all dress up as Bond, do you each choose a different Bond actor to embody, or do you choose your favourite Bond character of all time to attend your Essex cocktail party?

Cocktail bar hire in Essex can also be just for the girls too, and we have a whole range of silver, backlit and stylish mobile bars for you to choose from. There is a sleek and straight silver cocktail bar, or the same bar in a curved option. There is even a specially designed cocktail bar which was built to allow your bar staff the most room to mix your drinks while putting on a show.

For more information about hiring a cocktail bar in your area, contact Bar Hire Essex now.