Essex Outdoor Bar Hire

If you need to cater to an outdoor event in Essex then you are probably looking for ways to safely string fairy lights in your backyard which won’t electrocute your cat if she jumps through them, and ways to secure your champagne glasses until they are needed for the toast at your outdoor wedding. Essex Marquee Bar Hire

Well no matter what sort of event you are planning, we have a range of outdoor bar hire options which can ensure safe and secure drinks service for you and your guests. Whether you are planning a birthday party in the backyard for your daughter or catering to a corporate golf day, you will be hard pressed to find level ground outdoors in Essex - of anywhere really.

However, at Bar Hire Essex our entire range of mobile bars is capable of being set up outdoors and we will guarantee that they are constructed securely, and won't move a muscle during your event. After all, it is our staff who have to work behind the bars and our drinks we store underneath them and neither our staff or our drinks would be any use off their feet.

So now you can rest assured that the outdoor bar you hire in Essex will stand the test of your party and your guests, what about the safety of the drinks for your guests. We all know about safe food storage and that food needs to be stored at the right temperature and separately to be safe for you to eat. Well while most drinks aren't affected in quite the same way, a Cowboy Shooter is not going to be sitting well in your stomach if the Butterscotch Schnapps was warm, and you can't have a scotch on the rocks if the ice is melted.

This is why when you hire an outdoor bar in Essex they are also set up to be fully self contained and all of our mobile bars have refrigerator systems to keep your drinks at a safe and tasty temperature while you're outdoors.

So for more information about outdoor bar hire in Essex, contact Bar Hire Essex now.