Bar Hire Essex

Essex is a flourishing county which is located just outside of London and in recent years has gone from strength to strength. It is now one of the most popular destinations for tourists, with an incredible 42 million tourists choosing to flock to Essex to soak in its culture and its stunning coastlines within 2013. Due to Essex's massive reputation it has now become a hotspot for top end parties and events. This makes Essex different to any other county, as it creates an atmosphere that nowhere can offer or match. Bar Hire Essex

Here at Bar Hire Essex we can offer you a variety of different mobile bars throughout Essex. Some of the bars that we can provide you with include; Basic Black Bar Hire, Basic White Bar Hire, LED Bar Hire, Ice Bar Hire, Cocktail Bar Hire, Circular Bar Hire, Branded Bar Hire and Backlit Bar Hire. Our best sellers are the Basic Black Bar and the LED Bar across the UK. Our prices are at a very competitive rate with our stunning bars starting from as little as 80GBP for events in Essex. Bar Hire Essex is a leading and established company within the alcohol and events industry. This has backed on to us being invited to have our bars at some of the most prestigious events throughout the UK. Sme of the events we have provided our services to in Essex include V Festival, weddings, corporate events, comedy nights and more! V Festival is one of the biggest festivals within the UK, with more than 180,000 attending during 2013. This was a fantastic chance for us to show our pedigree to a huge amount people. Our long and illustrious history makes us the perfect choice, as we can ensure that your event will go as smoothly as possible. This will be courtesy of our amazing standard, and our professional staff. Our bar staff are professionally trained and they have been to some of the most amazing places throughout the world learning some of the most amazing techniques.

Bar Hire Essex's beautiful bars have proven to be a massive success within Essex. With our bars comes our drink hire service. Here at Bar Hire Essex, we understand that not everyone will want to be drinking alcohol, so we will provide you with soft drinks as well. This could be in the form of fizzy drinks, juices, and water. You can also have your choice of; draught beers, wines, spirits, juices, and many more. Your event will always hinge on the smallest little details. So why not let us provide everything that you need, this could be basic things like cups, glasses, and even napkins.

Due to our high standards and our handsome bars, Bar Hire Essex has solidified a strong and stable position within the industry. This is due to the fact that we can provide services that very few companies can provide you within Essex. This could include our ability to be able to get cocktail flairers and mixologists, to add that extra sprinkle of class on to your event.

If you need some more information then contact our friendly sales team at Bar Hire Essex and allow us the opportunity to add some more class into your event.