Essex Ice Bar Hire

You may be wondering what ice bars are all about. Well they are what they say they are. Blocks of ice made into 1 meter bar counter sections. They just add excitement to any event. Ice SculptureEvery one has normal bar counter or venues already have bars set up in some dingy corner with staff who look board because they are in the same corner every weekend doing the same thing. If the Ice bar was set up in that same dingy corner, that corner will come alive and exciting area for you to go and buy your drink from. You will also just want to go and see up close what the bar is made from and what all the fuss is about.


Even the staff will look more excited and alive because so many people have not only ordered drinks from them but also asked about the bar. Essex Mobile Bar Hire Service can supply you with Ice Bars of any size and get delivered set up and manned it if you want them to. The staff will bring these big Ice Bars and set them on metal trays. They last about ten hours so there no chance of the bar melting. At the end of the evening they will just take it outside and break the ice Up and leave it to melt. You can have all sorts of engraving on the front.


Your names the company name or have your wedding flowers set into the ice. Clients have flowers fruit and all sorts weird and wonderful things set into the Ice Bar's. There is a choice of coloured lights that you can place behind the bar the lights can tie in with your colour scheme. When you look from a distance the whole area just shines. Ice bar is something different and a talking point at any party. Why not become the first person in your set to hire Ice Bar.

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