Staff Party Bar Hire Essex

In a bid to 'Cheer Up' staff, the tax man is offering a good incentive to businesses. The Tax Man is offering tax exception to companies if they spend upto 150GBP per person on their staff parties for Christmas. Accommodation and transport home as well as food and drink are included in the tax free limit if the employer foots the bill.

Staff Party and Tax

The total number of guests at the event can also include employee's partner's this tax exception is for the current financial year. This would then mean that in addition to the Christmas parties, summer staff parties would also be included. We at Mobile Bar Hire feel that this is something which is seriously worth looking at when planning your staff Christmas Party for 2009 or summer party or 2010.

Bar Hire Essex and Staff Parties


Her at Mobile Bar Hire Essex, we regard this as a great incentive for people to celebrate and appreciate their staff. If you require further information on Staff Party Bar Hire, simply contact Bar Hire Essex for the latest ideas and current offers.

Although the government has said 150GBP per person, you don't have to spend that amount, we are Bar Hire Essex can assist you in organising events which shall be just as professional but which shall cost you much, much less.

To see what ideas we can offer you, contact Bar Hire Essex and why not see what other companies in your area are doing and see how you can make your staff feel special, don't forget the happier your staff are, the more chance of them working harder !