Private Bar Hire Essex

Private events are being planned all the time around the UK, and Essex is one location especially in which there are bound to be lots. Our Private Bar Hire Essex service is an ideal way to ensure that whatever private events you have planned, it goes just the way you want it to with a high quality bar service. Since Mobile Bar Hire’s foundation in 2001, we have dealt with hundreds of events of all kinds - and we know that everyone has their own preferences for how the function comes out. From wedding receptions to house warming parties, birthdays to anniversaries - our Private Bar Hire Essex service is perfect for dealing with your personal events.

Private Bar Hire Essex - Plain White BarDue to this variation in preferences for the event, we remain prepared for any situation you might want. One aspect of this is our provisioning of a number of different bar counters for our clients ranging from our simplest plain bars to our circular, straight and curved LED bars as well as more themed bars such as our rustic and chesterfield bars. The collection of bars in our Private Bar Hire Essex service overall ensures that whatever your private event is themed or based around, we will have a bar that fits your event.

Included along with the options we have for our Essex bars are different forms of bar hire service. Dry bar hire is where we would provision you with the bar, equipment and all other necessary additions for the bar - however you would provide the drinks for the event. Cash and free bar hire services are two different ways to have the drinks served to your guests. The former - cash bar hire - has us take the money directly from your clients in return for drinks. The latter option allows you to put a tab behind our bars, meaning that we can freely serve your guests without them needing to pay.

Bar equipment is another area in which we are more than capable of providing, having access to a variety of equipment including bar-top equipment such as mats, runners and bar tidies as well as sundries and glassware to give the final touches to your personal event. The bar equipment provided alongside our Private Bar Hire Essex service is great for increasing the functionality of not only our bar but the whole event, ensuring that everything goes exactly as planned.

Our bar staff are yet another area of our Private Bar Hire Essex service, bringing you a professional way to have your favourite drinks served at your event. Whether you're looking to have a cocktail bar or a bar with your usual drinks at your function, our Private Bar Hire Essex service is the ideal option for providing you with some of the best staff available.

If you're looking for a Private Bar Hire service in the Essex area then look no further! Our Private Bar Hire Essex service is the best way to go, giving you access to extremely professional services perfect for your event - simply get in touch and would be glad to help you out!